Scene Assessment, Using Barriers and protecting yourself

Primary Assessment


Serious bleeding management

Shock Management

Spinal Injury Management

Conscious or unconscious Choking Adult


Injury First Aid eg; Dental, Eye, Electrocution, Burn Injuries

Illness First Aid eg; Stroke, Heart Attack, Asthma, Stroke, Allergic reactions, Bites and Stings Poisoning,

Bandaging for strains and sprains. Splinting for fractures and dislocations


This is a full day course of 7hrs that may be split into 2 mornings or 2 evenings. Small groups only. There is a choice of venues available. Men only, and courses on Saturday are options. Self-study of approx. 4-5 hours required prior to the day. There is a short exam.




Skills include all of the above but pertinent to Babies 0-1yr and children 1-8yr. Also includes topics such as febrile convulsions and references to childhood illnesses eg; Meningitis

First Aid Kits and child safety in the home discussed.


This is also a full day course as outlined above.



EFR CPR Course 3hours – self-study of 2-3hrs prior to course

Primary Assessment, CPR, Conscious or unconscious Choking Adult, child and infant


REFRESHER courses available to those already CPR/First Aid Trained

Costs and dates of courses on application.

Anne is an EMERGENCY FIRST RESPONSE Instructor and offers CPR and First Aid courses on the Costa del Sol. Parents, babysitters, au-pairs, grandparents, nursery workers and therapists to name but a few of those who can avail of this excellent training.


WHY Emergency First Response?

Having researched the subject Anne felt this international training system was well suited to the local needs of a very multicultural community. With over 40 yrs experience in developing the training materials and educational curricula, they follow the protocols as developed by the members of ILCOR = International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation. Members include the resuscitation councils of America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and South Africa.


WHY Consider a Children’s Course?

Accidents happen, and if you interact with young children you hope that the injuries are minor ones and the illnesses are those that are part of growing up. However the truth is, children are often involved in major accidents and suffer from significant medical problems. You as a responsible adult – parent or guardian – cannot control all variables but you can be trained to offer assistance that may improve a child’s chances of a positive recovery.



The easiest and most efficient way of studying a new subject is to complete some ‘independent study’ using a manual and DVD, which are then your own to keep. Independent learning has been shown to aid memory, it allows you to study at your own pace and not spend unnecessary time being ‘taught’ in a classroom. On the actual course day you review the theory and then perfect the new skills by spending considerable time doing them with Anne. Being in small groups allows you to learn from each other whilst also practicing your skills. Different scenarios bring a sense of reality to all you have learnt.



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