Whilst working in the delivery unit in the Marbella Hospital, Anne met many non-nationals - foreigners make up nearly half of all births there - with little or no preparation for birth.  When starting Antenatal classes the aim was to take the fear of the unknown out of what can be a wonderful, life changing and empowering event for women. Abundant information is available in books and on-line but giving birth in a country that is not your ‘own’ can best be explained by people who have experience of, or are working in, that same health ‘system’. Honest, up-to-date and scientific explanations will prepare parents-to-be to make the right choices for themselves and their babies.


A course of classes usually runs over 4 consecutive weeks, in the early evening, on a midweek night, when women are around 30weeks pregnant. The number of couples/group is small and may plan on having their babies in different hospitals on the coast. Informative and informal best describes the ambience that has been appreciated by many couples to date. A venue in Marbella with easy parking is used.


Good quality course handouts and a Hypnotherapy CD are included. Information leaflets are available and there is a DVD & Book library which couples are welcome to borrow from. A Physiotherapist has a segment with each group on the subject of the pelvic floor whilst the men have a group meeting with the midwife.


When choosing Antenatal Classes it is worth remembering that midwives are trained to care for women throughout pregnancy, normal birth and the early weeks with a newborn baby. Practice must be research based and non-biased. Both Anne and Yvonne respect women’s rights to choose and have a deep belief in their capacity to labor and give birth normally.


A surprise benefit has been many groups have formed lasting friendships on the coast. This encourages us, as latest research confirms women adjust better to life with a new baby and their role as a mother, if they have been to group antenatal classes. One-to-one classes can also be arranged.



A guideline of course content includes:


What to expect at the end of pregnancy-particular to Spain

Preparing yourself for labor.

The stages of labor and all about it.

When to go to hospital and what to bring

Coping strategies, pain relief options

Doctor’s roles  & medical interventions


Getting to know your newborn baby

Hospital routines and going home

Feeding facts & myths

Postnatal period and Legal paperwork in Spain



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Antenatal Classes, in English, Postnatal visits, Tens rental, Pregnancy advice

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Antenatal courses to prepare couples when having a baby in Spain. Informative but fun, with Midwives registered in Spain who have worked for many years INSIDE the Spanish system. Non-biased, research based and non-patronising. New friendships nearly guaranteed!

First Aid for all in English. Registered Midwife and Emergency First Response Instructor, Anne now training students in schools, Mums and Dads and offering refreshers for eg; Physiotherapists for professional requirements - practical and fun